Wild Celebrity Sex Rumors

While celebrities seem so elegant and composed, but they can be also wild more than you can imagine. That is not true at all. Some celebrities are rumored to be freaks between the sheets.

So, here are a few wild celebrity names in the bedroom;

Kanye West

Obviously, this man has an eye for big butts. However, after fighting digitally with Wiz Khalifa on social media, Amber Rose didn’t hesitate to insinuate the rapper liked right on the receiving part of the bedroom with the controversial hashtag #fingersinthebootyassbitch. But then, Kanye denied passionately these rumors. He mentioned that he stayed away from that place.

Richard Gere

Allegedly, the most scandalous celeb sex rumor goes to Richard Gere was taken to the emergency room to get rid a gerbil attached to his rectum. The rumor stuck with him throughout his career. In fact, he was even the reference to some movies in the 90s such as Scream and Urban Legend, which makes him unofficially the face of ‘gerbilling’.


There have been some gossips that this Canadian rapper really likes getting a great rim job. Actually, an unknown stripper reported her sex escapades with Drake. While she was doing an oral sex with the rapper, he suddenly pushed her deep forward to his butt hole.

Liam Neeson

Unbelievably, Liam Neeson was also a victim of sex rumors.  The brave actor does have a unique skill set, specifically having a huge dick.  As per Janice Dickinson autobiography, his ex-girlfriend, she commended the Taken star as one that had the largest penis of any man alive. He even unzipped his pants, revealing an Evian bottle. It is indeed a detailed and creative description.

John Mayer

Meanwhile, John Mayer does not need any surgery just to give himself a blowjob! According to the rumors, apparently, a journalist went in date with him. The woman later discovered that the musician’s penis was really huge. To prove how gifted he and his buddy is, the man allegedly bent over and then played his balls through his mouth.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Dubbed as the OG scream queen, she was no exception to sex rumors.  There’s a rumor which didn’t leave the celebrity and her career stating that she was a hermaphrodite.  When the power couple Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis got their second doctor, allegedly a doctor gossiped the information that the actress was born with female and male genitalia. This made others think that she was either a male who had an impaired masculinization or was born with an XY chromosome.

With her androgynous name, Jamie and the fact that she and her husband agreed to adopt their kids added justification to the different speculations. However, the actress didn’t acknowledge the subject publicly.

While the conversation awkward pop out during a 1998 run along with a Howard Stern intern, he asked to clear the issue once and for all. The intern courageously asked if the actress was born a hermaphrodite. She furiously responded ‘How dare you to say that! I have children!’

These wild celebrity sex rumors have shocked and entertained the world. Then again, rumors are still rumors.

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