Famous Celebrity Couples Who Never Got Divorced

Have you noticed? These past few years, having a strong bond of marriage seems to have become harder.  One thing about it, staying in its sanctity has never been easy at all. But these popular celebrity couples prove that they can withstand no matter what trials or challenges which comes along their way;

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

The couples met right on the set of a ‘80s show entitled Bosom Buddies. At that moment, Hanks was still married.  However, he and Rita both felt that there’s something which connects them. He even told GQ that they just look at each other and voila! The magic spark begins. He asked Rita if that was the real thing for the girl. And then, it couldn’t just be denied.  In 1987, Hanks finalized his divorce and tied the knot with Rita in 1988.  Until now, Tom can’t believe that they were together.

Don Gummer and Meryl Streep

Of all the Hollywood celebrities, Meryl Streep is one of the most private actresses, especially when it comes to her personal life. Be that as it may, we know that her husband is Don Gummer, a sculptor. After having four kids and several years of marriage, they are still together. It is not surprising since Meryl is amazing in anything she does.

Hugh Jackman and Deborra Furness

Thanks to this Australian show, Deborra and Hugh met in 1995.  One year after, they got married. Are you curious about their love story? It is simply adorable!

Hugh had a huge crush with Deborrah, just like everybody else. Then one day, he was so ashamed by that confession and decided not to talk to her anymore. Then, when he had a dinner party, Hugh invited her along with other individuals. Clueless about what’s happening, Deborra asked Hugh why he keeps on avoiding her. She even asked if she annoyed him or did she do something wrong. Then he suddenly admitted his admiration. The thing is, Deborra had a crush on him too. Then the rest is history.

Matthew Broderick and Jessica Parker

According to SJP, she went out with John Kennedy Jr. before setting his heart to Matthew Broderick. Parker described Broderick as the funniest man he met in her entire life. She even told in an interview with Los Angeles Times that she’s totally mad at him.

In 1997, the lovers got married and got three kids together. Way back 2013, Sarah exclaimed his affection to his husband and stated that he loves Matthew Broderick. Call her crazy, but she really does. They can be themselves only in the marriage they have now. They are both committed to their family and their lives. She loves the father of her children and because of him, that’s why she loves everything in this world.

How sweet!

These couples consider their lifetime commitment as sacred. While they are aware that there’s no guaranteed formula how to make it work, they still strive together against the odds. We’re all hoping that all relationships will remain like them.


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