Celebrities That Have Done Porn

What comes first, the celebrity or the porn? It all depends on the famous person of course. There are several instances where a person may have been famous and then decided to do a porno tape. However, the majority of celebrities probably did porn before they became famous. The truth is that most people who do porn do so because of money. With that logic in mind, it would never make sense for a famous person who already has money, to do porn. Besides the obvious, they would have to also think about their fan base. How would those who like them think about if they saw them in a sex tape? Plus, the famous celebrity would also have to factor things such as advertisers and future work.

Still, when it comes to celebrities who have done porn, there are a few names on the list who balked at all of that. Some of the people on the list may surprise and even shock you though. While there are several mainstream films which have sex scenes, there is a limit. Actual adult films are a totally different story. Nonetheless, there have been some celebrities who done some mainstream movies with racy sex scenes. Although no actual penetration was shown, they were still graphic enough to earn the films R ratings or higher.
This compilation contains several celebrities who began their careers or became more famous, after a porn tape of them was released. It also contains some whose personal sex tapes may have been leaked online. One of the most famous reality TV stars today began her career that way. Kim Kardashian was virtually unknown to most people in America. Her reality TV show “keeping Up With The Kardashians” was not that popular. However, that all changed in an instant following a porn tape of Kim Kardashian being released. What happened after that may have paved the way for other people to do the same. The fact is that Kim Kardashian and her entire family benefited significantly from the notoriety the celebrity sex tape brought.

Today, Kim is one of the highest paid reality TV personalities ever. In addition, she makes tons of money from advertisers who have ignored the sex tape. The Kim Kardashian celebrity tape has not only been viewed by millions of people online. On top of that, millions of free porn pics and sex GIFS stemming from the tape can be found online. Since the tape was released by her ex boyfriend, many gave Kim a pass.

Another celebrity who made an explicit sex tape was Pamela Anderson. Many remember the hot big breasted blond from her series on the show Baywatch. But, following a break-in at her house, burglars came away with a porn sex tape Pamela and her boyfriend made. Besides that tape, there was another one she also did. Both are graphic and show Pamela Anderson being fucked hard. That also led to hundreds upon thousands of animated sex GIFS and porn pics.
One star who wished her celebrity sex tape will never be seen is actress Cameron Diaz. Unlike others, Cameron did that tape before she became famous. However, to make sure that tape will never see light of day, Cameron bought all rights to the film. To her credit, the tape has never surfaced online. And Miss Diaz has never performed any real sex acts on any other movie since. You can find some sex pics and animated sex GIFS from Cameron Diaz from the film “The Counselor.” Although there isn’t any real nudity involving Cameron, she does a sex scene with a Lamborghini worth watching.

Men who have done porn include stars such as Sylvester Stallone. He once performed in an adult film before he became famous. Another action star you may be surprised to know was in porn movies is actor Jackie Chan. The Oriental star started doing adult porn before he rose to stardom. Kendra Wilkinson is another celebrity who became famous after her days as an adult model were behind her. Most recognize Kendra from her reality TV show and as a former Playboy model. Yet before all of this, Kendra made a porn movie. Users took the clips from that film and created several sex  GIFS and tons of porn pictures.
Paris Hilton is also another person who became more popular or known once her sex tape was released online. A star who turned to porn after he couldn’t land too many roles was Adam West. He was the original Batman in the TV series. But Adam had a difficult time finding work so he chose to do some porn.

Other names you may connect with celebrity sex tapes or celebrity porn are Game of Thrones actress Sibel Kekilli. In the world of wrestling, you have Hulk Hogan and Chyna who also made some sex tapes. Both found porn pics of themselves all over the internet from those tapes. There are also numerous sex GIF images from those celebrity sex tapes. Actor Randy Quaid acted in a sex tape and released it to the public. His fans were quite shocked to see the film star do so. You can find stars such as Sydney Leathers, Tila Tequila, Stassi Schroeder, Tamra Judge, Mindy McCready, Helen Mirren and Farrah Abraham in celebrity sex tapes, free porn pics and sex GIF images as well.